09.    Olha (Dnipro)

We had our whole life planned out, my husband and I. We’d chosen our path and we knew who we wanted by our side. We’d built our own house… our dream that we’d worked so hard for. We loved the forest and the sea, exploring the wide open spaces of our homeland.... Well, we could talk for hours about what we loved, what we had planned… We still have the memories, tucked away in our hearts.

It was a long, tough journey out of Ukraine. I don't know where I found the strength. All the way my head was full of intrusive thoughts, no end of them. Questions and fears for the future…

I've always been lucky with the people I’ve met in life. Good people. It’s been the same here in the UK, and when we were travelling here too. We spent several months in Romania, and people we’d never met opened their doors to us… “Come in, stay with us!” Just like that. It was amazing. I can’t express how grateful I am…

I try to teach my children about Ukraine and our traditions. I worked with our local church to open a Ukrainian library, to help all our kids stay in touch with their language and culture. Back in Ukraine my husband volunteers, helps out in every way he can. My grandma’s there too, waiting for us… She’s seen one war already, and she won’t stand for anyone losing heart! My granny believes in Ukraine’s victory!

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